Predoctoral Institute (LEAD) Opens Applications

The Center for Innovation in Child Maltreatment Policy, Research, and Training
(CICM): LEAD: Leadership, Equity, and Diversity (LEAD) for Higher Education
July 13-16th 2022 Predoctoral Institute

Invitation to Apply
The CICM hosts an annual two and a half day Predoctoral Summer Institute for
up to 12 underrepresented minority (URM) professionals who are interested in
pursuing a PhD in social work, public health, or public policy in the areas of child
abuse and neglect/child and family well-being.

The 2022 Predoctoral Summer Institute will be held at Washington University in St
Louis, Missouri on July 13, 2022-July 16, 2022. To learn more about the CICM,
please visit

The application window is now open and we will be accepting applications until
March 28th, 2022. If you know of qualified applicants, please encourage them to

Why are we doing this?
Child abuse and neglect is a significant public health concern in the United
States and around the world. Despite the complexity of child abuse and
neglect, there is a lack of sufficient numbers of scholars trained to conduct
research in this area.

Building a diverse research pipeline requires attention to doctoral program
recruitment as the transition back to academia can be challenging to navigate.

What is included?

  1. Costs of materials, food during institute activities, lodging, and travel
    (domestic only).

2. Advice on preparing for re-entry into academia

3. Discussions of the latest trends and research gaps related to child
maltreatment in the fields of social work, public health, and public policy

4. Information on how to develop competitive application materials for a
doctoral program, including a statement of purpose, CV/resumes, other
writing samples, and how to identify academic mentors.

January 31st– April 25th: Applications accepted
May 2: Participants will be notified
May 9: Participants confirm their acceptance

COVID-19 Planning
We are planning to have the institute in person. However, given the continually
unsteady nature of the global pandemic, we will remain vigilant and adapt the
institute format based on current public health recommendations. In the event
that we are unable to meet in person in July, the institute will be held in a virtual

Participants must meet early career or transitioning scholar criteria. The
participant must not be already enrolled in a PhD program. Participants must
also meet the criteria for URM (meaning that the participant should be African
American, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Hispanic/Latinx).

Application Process
All materials need to be submitted by April 25, 2022:

  1. Application form (see link below)

2. A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume

3. A 2-3 pages statement of interest indicating why this summer institute will
be beneficial to you, what work experience (if any) you have related to child
abuse and neglect/child and family well-being, and a brief discussion of your
intended academic and research plans.

To complete your application, click HERE

Questions can be directed to:
María Gandarilla Ocampo, MSW (
Fithi Embaye, MSW, LISW (