There are several affiliated projects collaborating with the CICM to incorporate research projects through multiple universities and a variety of fields of study. Below are the currently listed projects:


Parents and Children Together- St. Louis (PACT-STL)

The purpose of PACT-STL is to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies that prevent child maltreatment, reduce entry into the public child welfare system, and enhance the overall well-being outcomes of children and families. Funded through Vision for Children at Risk, Trish Kohl, brings together grant partners, community service providers, family assistance programs, and health care organizations.



CarePortal is a web-based platform that connects networks of child welfare agencies, partner non-profits, and churches to address the needs of families and children—working together with caseworkers that assess needs and make local churches aware to provide aid in real-time. Patrick Fowler and The Evaluation Center at WashU investigate long-term outcomes of children and families that participate with CarePortal.


Support Over Silence for KIDS

Founded and directed by Nancy Weaver, Support Over Silence for KIDS is a bystander training program that equips community members with the skills to support caregivers navigating challenging parenting situations in public. Support Over Silence for KIDS incorporates findings from focus groups, social science theories, and adapted components of successful bystander intervention programs targeting the prevention of sexual violence.


Foster & Adoptive Coalition

Principal Investigator, Melissa Jonson- Reid, and the Foster & Adoptive Coalition support children and families involved in the foster care system. Through the lens of educational advocacy, this project aims to explore effective education strategies for children in foster care in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.


Systems for Action Grant

Funded through the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for a parent empowerment initiative, Melissa Jonson- Reid and Trish Kohl investigate PACT- STL to understand and advance community-based collaboration efforts. This initiative aims to analyze funding strategies and services to understand changes in child outcomes.


Social Workers Advancing through Grounded Education (SAGE)

The SAGE program recruits, trains, and financially supports Brown School students in completing a portion of their practica in Indian Country. Kellie Thompson and the Buder Center support students in serving Native communities through Native-led programming and research.


ACHIEVE Training Prorgram

The ACHIEVE Training Program is a one-year training appointment for early-career researchers interested in applying dissemination & implementation (D&I) and data science methodologies in global health. Melissa Jonson-Reid is a mentor for ACHIEVE, supporting the researchers’ professional development as they carry out research projects in low and middle-income countries.